Rory founded RK Electrical & Development in 2015 and has built the company up from a small team of just 3 to it's current size.

Rory Keir

George is one of RK Electrical's Directors and he also specialises in the field of testing and inspection electrical installations.

Ellie pickering

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leah west

Kalon is a Level 3 Trainee Electrician.

Kye Bishop

Bradley is our Level 2 Apprentice.

thomas allen

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lee ferns

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charlie barlow

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graham beale

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kalon peniasko

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owen lumley

George Watkins.jpg

george watkinson

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nick wallis

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jack baldwin

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bradley grimes

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charles toon


reiss munns

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simon chambers

George Peet.jpg

george peet

Ollie Bogg.jpg

ollie bogg

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Pino labruzzo

Fraser Keir.jpg

fraser keir

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kieran johnson